A message to The Ambitious and Entreprenuers…

The Ambitious and Entrepreneurs will understand this👇

“Have i failed…?” 

Many times in my life.

At many different things.
I’ve been close to giving up,
a feeling i’m sure many of you guys reading this are familiar with.
I’ll bet you have a lot of ideas, good ideas probably, but never really sure what to do with them?
Same boat👋
… I want to create something special, something that goes beyond myself, something that other people believe in, something that brings VALUE to other people’s lives…
I’m guessing you do too.

Have you ever been uncertain if the path you are on is going to get you there?
Like you think to yourself, if i just do X long enough, and stay consistent with Y, i will FINALLY reach Z.
Though there are doubts…

⏫Ambitious people will get this.

Because if you are ambitious you will strive to achieve things in this life that are out of your control.
If you are ambitious, you know how important it is to BELIEVE you are capable of doing something bigger than yourself with your life.

Listen, there are no guarantees when it comes to achieving our goals.
But if you don’t find a way, somebody else will.

“So if you’re thinking of giving up, just remember: This is the point where everybody else will give up. And that’s EXACTLY why YOU MUST NOT.” -Ruben Cavez, Founder of ThinkGrowProsper


Wanna Know the Truth About Protein Powder?

As promised, I’m going to break down the 4 supplements I use on a daily basis. I will give some facts, as well as explain the good👍, and the bad👎 when it comes to these supplements; starting with👇


Protein powder comes in many different forms with “whey” being the most popular. Whey protein is actually derived from cow’s milk in the cheese making process and is the watery part you might see in cottage cheese that seperates itself from curds.


The protein is then filtered, spray dried, and obviously flavored to make a product that doesn’t sound totally disgusting!😅lol

The supplement (though some don’t consider it a supplement but rather a food source) is used by a majority of athletes and regular gym-goers and with good reason.

⏩Protein is important in any diet and plays many vital roles in the body, however it can be hard to get enough from food alone.

Protein powder (though not as nutrient dense as whole foods) offers a great alternative in taste and flavoring of protein consumption such as chocolate😋, vanilla😋, cookies and cream😋, strawberry😋, etc. rather than eating your typical chicken breast or egg whites…. Yum?😓

I will add that there is large debate on how much protein a person needs in a day, and the amount varies person to person, and depends on who you ask. Quite frankly, there is no one size fits all, and this would largely depend on the individuals personal preferences and specific protein needs.

Whey protein also has a high biological value, meaning it is a very effective and quality source of protein, even beating out chicken and egg whites in effectiveness

Whey protein certainly has its 👎sides as well.

In excess amounts, protein has been shown to cause kidney damage, liver problems, kidney stones, etc. However, one should remember this is the consumption of too much protein in general. Meaning, it is not necessarily the protein powder causing this. But rather an excess in protein altogether.

There is obviously more information supporting more of the good and bad, however these are the main points I wanted to lay out for you guys.

As with everything in life Moderation is key🔑

A Big WTF to the Supplement Industry…

As we all know, supplements are there to aid you in reaching your goals, not reach them for you.

😳WOW ISAAC YOU’RE SO SMART TEACH US YOUR WAYS! ….Said nobody…. Like literally ever😅

But did you know that there is no FDA regualtion for supplements!

💥Meaning there is NO study of the possible long-term affects a supplement can have on you and your health BEFORE it hits the shelves in stores.😓

💥The only time that supplements become regulated is AFTER people have already bought and used them, and they already have been shown to cause harm to people in some way.😓

💥Only THEN are the supplements actually tested for how safe they are.😓

Isn’t that NUTS!!!🙈

So what supplements do I take? And what would I recommend?

I only take 4 supplements on a daily basis.

This consists of:

⏩Whey Protein (bars too)


⏩Fish oil


Over the next 4 days, I am going to go really in depth with why I take them, and the benefits, and possible draw backs of each of these supplements.

As for now, I’m going grocery shopping😜lol

Night y’all!✌

(Yes, the trash is full😅lol i took it out after this pic ok!)

That’s a lie, i didn’t take it out for a couple days🙈

Carbs Are NOT The Enemy!

I strive to always be expanding my mind when it comes to training and nutrition to better help you guys in achieving your goals, and I ran across something pretty interesting in my textbook today.👇

No matter what type of carbohydrate you eat, it will always end up being broken down into a simple sugar in your blood stream.

Typically, an average of 20g or glucose (carbs) circulate our blood stream per one hour, no more, no less. (Otherwise we would be considered to have high/low blood sugar.)

So when we eat food, where do the extra carbs go when we eat more than 20g of carbs in one sitting?

Well our liver (which breaks down complex carbs into simple carbs to be used by our body) can hold about 80-100g. of glycogen before it is full, and the muscles can store anywhere from 300-600g. of glycogen depending on how much muscle mass you have. This is why CARBS in reasonable amounts are NOT THE ENEMY!💥

Extra carbs are not immediately transformed into fat, but rather they are stored by our liver and muscles as glycogen to be later used as fuel during strenuous activities.🙌😏

-The more you know😉

Night y’all✌

When your eyes open tomorrow…

At some point in our lives we seem to lose the sense that following our passions can be a fun process.😲

For some reason, we have developed this idea that if something is actually meaningful to us, and if we actually care about our passions, we must only be serious when talking or doing this thing that we love.

But why is that?😓

Why do we deprive ourselves from the beautiful moments that can come from doing something we are passionate about?

We seem to get stuck in this mindset that if we don’t feel like banging our head against the wall by the time we’re done working on a project, we either didn’t do enough work, or we didn’t try hard enough.

Maybe it’s just me, i don’t know?😅

I’ve come to realize that i’ve never heard anybody look back on there life and wish they had spent more time being serious.

In fact, often it is the opposite. Many people wish they had spent more time to appreciate and enjoy the simple things they were once capable of doing in a single day. A single day they took for granted…

It’s easy to appreciate things looking backward, but let me ask you this.

How much will you appreciate tomorrow, when your eyes open, and it’s a new day?

See you all tomorrow✌😉

My Top 3 Tips on Consistency🙌

I’m going to give you my 💥Top 3💥 tips on staying consistent.

 As many of you know, (this is directly from my instgram @iwfitness) there was a point about a year ago where I completely stopped going to the gym for about 2 months. But it was much more than a break to be honest. A large part of me had fallen out of love with training. I had such a hard time convincing myself to even begin working out again, and I had no consistency. Some days, i just wouldn’t feel like going, and so I wouldn’t… Anybody relate?

Here are my Top 3 tips on staying consistent when it comes to anything fitness, diet, and life related.

⏩1. Eliminate the things that you hate doing!

You heard me, this may sound really stupid, but hear me out. 

Find out what is stopping you from being consistent and don’t do that thing. For example: I recognized that I would almost always skip the gym on leg day 😆(typical bro). Rather than not go to the gym, and feel like a failure for not going,  I just stopped scheduling to train my legs. If I was going to fall in love with my training routine, it needed to be filled with things I enjoy doing (lots of arm days😅lol). I later began to incorporate legs lightly back in, with leg exercises I really enjoyed. Once I strated to stay consistent and love lifting weights again, I added back in all the intense movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc. 

This goes for you as well. Recognize the mental barrier in your workout plan that is causing you to SUCK at being consistent. Make it a habit first, then worry about all the specifics.

⏩2. The later in the day, the less likely it is.

Even to this day I train abs directly after my workout while I am still at the gym. I do this because I know that after I eat dinner and go sit to watch a show with my girlfriend, I am not going to stop the movie at 11:30 at night, to go train abs for 10 minutes in the other room. Learn to recognize how you feel at different times throughout the day. Once you find a time that works best for you, try to stick to it so it becomes routine.

⏩3. Do things gradually.

This one you’ve probably heard but it is so true. The odds of a person going from a sedentary lifestyle with a diet consisting of mostly fast food and frozen dinners is going to have an extremely difficult time suddenly working out 6 days a week, doing cardio on the 7th day, and preparing 110% of their food for the entire week! The odds of failure are pretty high. However, if I said, “Workout 2 times a week, and eat 2 servings of vegetables a day.” the odds of success are going to be much greater.🙌

Avoid the all or nothing mindset, nothing is not helpful, and all is rarely sustainable. Try to start slow and build gradually.👍

Remember, not only do actions create habits, but actions create more actions.😉

Getting started, is going to be the biggest key to staying consistent at anything.

I Can Motivate. I Can Inspire. But YOU Must EMPOWER!🙌

⏩To *MOTIVATE* is to “provide someone with a motiv for doing something.”

⏩To *INSPIRE* is to “fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.”

⏩To *EMPOWER* is to “give someone the authority or power to do something.”

These three words, though similar, are quite different.

Anybody on this Earth can do the first two.✌

I strive to achieve the first two through my Instagram.

I can provide you with a motiv to take action, and I can fill you with urgency to do something, but I can not give you the authority, or the power to do something with your own life.

That must come from within.

If you want to change something, you must allow yourself to empower yourself.

Because nobody can do that for you.🙌

How to Shred Fat/Lose Weight Made Simple.

The formula to losing fat is actually very simple. 

Energy Consumed<Energy used

=Weight Loss🙌

All you need to do is consume less calories than you expend in a day. Want to lose more weight? Continue doing this for more days. Thus creating a calorie deficit.

What this means is you need some sort of method for tracking your food intake, whether that be tracking macros, counting calories, using a portion control method such as hand size method, or plate dividing method, etc.

Just like any great science experiment, there needs to be a constant, in this case calories, where we can either add or take away from in order to see changes in results.

💥There are essentially two things you can do to start losing weight/burning fat right away.💥

▶1. Eat less calories. (Typically by either eating less carbs or fats, while keeping your protein intake the same/slightly higher.)

▶2. Expend more energy. (This can come in many different ways. Doing more cardio, biking, swimming, adding an extra set to your workouts, adding an extra workout day into your weekly routine, etc.) If you don’t have a routine, start one. Even if it is only starting out as a half hour walk one time a week. Start somewhere!

(Questions on anything? Feel free to email me: iwfitness@outlook.com or DM me on Instagram: @iwfitness😉)

“Until We Meet Again…”

Real talk today.

I’m not saying it’s most days, but there certainly are some.

Doubts… Don’t they just SUCK?

You fill your head with all these great ideas that you can visualize coming to fruition and then you take the step to act on it and run into obstacle after obstacle and frustration after frustration.

Not to mention confusion…

Lots of confusion.

Uncertainty on if what you are doing is worth while?

Are there better ways to spend our time?

There is no rule book to play by, and there is no paved path, which makes progress even more of a guesstimate at best.

I’m not trying to bring people down, but it would be unfair of me to show you “how FREAKIN FANTASTIC” life is day in and day out, without a semblance of reality.

I sat, thinking of something motvational to post, usually it comes natural. But instead, today, I found myself not really wanting to write…

If you’ve ever tried to pave your own path, you know just as well as i do this is one of the many “failures” life will face YOU with.

The feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear, we share them all.

Whether we choose to fight them or not,  tomorrow is a new day,

But when we close our eyes tonight, in today, these feelings will stay.

CHEATERS WIN with the Right Mindset!

If you are interested in health and fitness, particularly weight training, you will find this humerously fascinating.👇😂

I want to tell you a story about a study performed in Great Britain by a researcher named Maganarus in 2001.

Basically, the story goes like this.

In 2001, a coach for the Great Britain powerlifting team was training a group of men for their (natural) powerlifting meet coming up.

Long story short, the group of men asked the coach to give the men steroids to aid their performance.

The coach, having a background in science, decided to run a placebo experiment on these men. He gives them each a sugar pill, and tells all of them that it is actually fast-acting steroids. The result?

After 2 weeks, the average strength increase on the one rep max amongst the men totaled to be about a 4-5% increase (we’re talking a gain of roughly 70-80lbs. Gained on 1RM’s between only 3 lifts!) All because the men BELIEVED they were on steroids!

When the coach asked how their training had been going, every single one of them said it was the best 2 weeks of training they had ever had in their lives! They were setting braking their old records and feeling amazing!

The coach right then told HALF of the group of men that they were not actually taking steroids, and let the other half continue to believe they were on steroids.

The results?

The half that now knew they were not on steroids regressed back to there original 1RM’s 2 weeks prior to believing they had taken steroids.

The other half who still BELIEVED they were taking steroids, conitnued to break there records! Week in and week out!😂

This is just a small but very true example of how strong the mind actually is, and how much more we are capable of with the right mindset.


I’m not saying throw caution to the wind and risk screwing up your life but if your only reason for not doing something is that you might fail, then so what!? FAIL!

I constantly have to remind myself of this on a regular basis.

Here’s the thing though, failures don’t often come in one giant mistake crashing down on your head. Failure often comes in regrets of the chances we didn’t take, and the opportunities we didn’t stick with.

Most often the biggest regret people face in their lifetime are when they decided not to do something.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from the book Leadership 101 -John C. Maxwell

“100 people over 95 years old were asked one open ended question.

💥”If you could live your life over again, what would you differently?”

Though it was an open ended question, the same 3 answers continued to rise much more than the rest.

▶1. ‘If i could do it over again, i would reflect more.’

▶2. ‘If i could do it over again, i would risk more.’

▶3. ‘If i could do it over again, i would do more things that would live on after i am dead.'”

Really makes you think huh?


It should make you act! lol