Real talk today.

I’m not saying it’s most days, but there certainly are some.

Doubts… Don’t they just SUCK?

You fill your head with all these great ideas that you can visualize coming to fruition and then you take the step to act on it and run into obstacle after obstacle and frustration after frustration.

Not to mention confusion…

Lots of confusion.

Uncertainty on if what you are doing is worth while?

Are there better ways to spend our time?

There is no rule book to play by, and there is no paved path, which makes progress even more of a guesstimate at best.

I’m not trying to bring people down, but it would be unfair of me to show you “how FREAKIN FANTASTIC” life is day in and day out, without a semblance of reality.

I sat, thinking of something motvational to post, usually it comes natural. But instead, today, I found myself not really wanting to write…

If you’ve ever tried to pave your own path, you know just as well as i do this is one of the many “failures” life will face YOU with.

The feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear, we share them all.

Whether we choose to fight them or not,  tomorrow is a new day,

But when we close our eyes tonight, in today, these feelings will stay.


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