At some point in our lives we seem to lose the sense that following our passions can be a fun process.😲

For some reason, we have developed this idea that if something is actually meaningful to us, and if we actually care about our passions, we must only be serious when talking or doing this thing that we love.

But why is that?😓

Why do we deprive ourselves from the beautiful moments that can come from doing something we are passionate about?

We seem to get stuck in this mindset that if we don’t feel like banging our head against the wall by the time we’re done working on a project, we either didn’t do enough work, or we didn’t try hard enough.

Maybe it’s just me, i don’t know?😅

I’ve come to realize that i’ve never heard anybody look back on there life and wish they had spent more time being serious.

In fact, often it is the opposite. Many people wish they had spent more time to appreciate and enjoy the simple things they were once capable of doing in a single day. A single day they took for granted…

It’s easy to appreciate things looking backward, but let me ask you this.

How much will you appreciate tomorrow, when your eyes open, and it’s a new day?

See you all tomorrow✌😉


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