As we all know, supplements are there to aid you in reaching your goals, not reach them for you.

😳WOW ISAAC YOU’RE SO SMART TEACH US YOUR WAYS! ….Said nobody…. Like literally ever😅

But did you know that there is no FDA regualtion for supplements!

💥Meaning there is NO study of the possible long-term affects a supplement can have on you and your health BEFORE it hits the shelves in stores.😓

💥The only time that supplements become regulated is AFTER people have already bought and used them, and they already have been shown to cause harm to people in some way.😓

💥Only THEN are the supplements actually tested for how safe they are.😓

Isn’t that NUTS!!!🙈

So what supplements do I take? And what would I recommend?

I only take 4 supplements on a daily basis.

This consists of:

⏩Whey Protein (bars too)


⏩Fish oil


Over the next 4 days, I am going to go really in depth with why I take them, and the benefits, and possible draw backs of each of these supplements.

As for now, I’m going grocery shopping😜lol

Night y’all!✌

(Yes, the trash is full😅lol i took it out after this pic ok!)

That’s a lie, i didn’t take it out for a couple days🙈


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