As promised, I’m going to break down the 4 supplements I use on a daily basis. I will give some facts, as well as explain the good👍, and the bad👎 when it comes to these supplements; starting with👇


Protein powder comes in many different forms with “whey” being the most popular. Whey protein is actually derived from cow’s milk in the cheese making process and is the watery part you might see in cottage cheese that seperates itself from curds.


The protein is then filtered, spray dried, and obviously flavored to make a product that doesn’t sound totally disgusting!😅lol

The supplement (though some don’t consider it a supplement but rather a food source) is used by a majority of athletes and regular gym-goers and with good reason.

⏩Protein is important in any diet and plays many vital roles in the body, however it can be hard to get enough from food alone.

Protein powder (though not as nutrient dense as whole foods) offers a great alternative in taste and flavoring of protein consumption such as chocolate😋, vanilla😋, cookies and cream😋, strawberry😋, etc. rather than eating your typical chicken breast or egg whites…. Yum?😓

I will add that there is large debate on how much protein a person needs in a day, and the amount varies person to person, and depends on who you ask. Quite frankly, there is no one size fits all, and this would largely depend on the individuals personal preferences and specific protein needs.

Whey protein also has a high biological value, meaning it is a very effective and quality source of protein, even beating out chicken and egg whites in effectiveness

Whey protein certainly has its 👎sides as well.

In excess amounts, protein has been shown to cause kidney damage, liver problems, kidney stones, etc. However, one should remember this is the consumption of too much protein in general. Meaning, it is not necessarily the protein powder causing this. But rather an excess in protein altogether.

There is obviously more information supporting more of the good and bad, however these are the main points I wanted to lay out for you guys.

As with everything in life Moderation is key🔑


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