When your eyes open tomorrow…

At some point in our lives we seem to lose the sense that following our passions can be a fun process.😲

For some reason, we have developed this idea that if something is actually meaningful to us, and if we actually care about our passions, we must only be serious when talking or doing this thing that we love.

But why is that?😓

Why do we deprive ourselves from the beautiful moments that can come from doing something we are passionate about?

We seem to get stuck in this mindset that if we don’t feel like banging our head against the wall by the time we’re done working on a project, we either didn’t do enough work, or we didn’t try hard enough.

Maybe it’s just me, i don’t know?😅

I’ve come to realize that i’ve never heard anybody look back on there life and wish they had spent more time being serious.

In fact, often it is the opposite. Many people wish they had spent more time to appreciate and enjoy the simple things they were once capable of doing in a single day. A single day they took for granted…

It’s easy to appreciate things looking backward, but let me ask you this.

How much will you appreciate tomorrow, when your eyes open, and it’s a new day?

See you all tomorrow✌😉


I Can Motivate. I Can Inspire. But YOU Must EMPOWER!🙌

⏩To *MOTIVATE* is to “provide someone with a motiv for doing something.”

⏩To *INSPIRE* is to “fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.”

⏩To *EMPOWER* is to “give someone the authority or power to do something.”

These three words, though similar, are quite different.

Anybody on this Earth can do the first two.✌

I strive to achieve the first two through my Instagram.

I can provide you with a motiv to take action, and I can fill you with urgency to do something, but I can not give you the authority, or the power to do something with your own life.

That must come from within.

If you want to change something, you must allow yourself to empower yourself.

Because nobody can do that for you.🙌

“Until We Meet Again…”

Real talk today.

I’m not saying it’s most days, but there certainly are some.

Doubts… Don’t they just SUCK?

You fill your head with all these great ideas that you can visualize coming to fruition and then you take the step to act on it and run into obstacle after obstacle and frustration after frustration.

Not to mention confusion…

Lots of confusion.

Uncertainty on if what you are doing is worth while?

Are there better ways to spend our time?

There is no rule book to play by, and there is no paved path, which makes progress even more of a guesstimate at best.

I’m not trying to bring people down, but it would be unfair of me to show you “how FREAKIN FANTASTIC” life is day in and day out, without a semblance of reality.

I sat, thinking of something motvational to post, usually it comes natural. But instead, today, I found myself not really wanting to write…

If you’ve ever tried to pave your own path, you know just as well as i do this is one of the many “failures” life will face YOU with.

The feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear, we share them all.

Whether we choose to fight them or not,  tomorrow is a new day,

But when we close our eyes tonight, in today, these feelings will stay.


I’m not saying throw caution to the wind and risk screwing up your life but if your only reason for not doing something is that you might fail, then so what!? FAIL!

I constantly have to remind myself of this on a regular basis.

Here’s the thing though, failures don’t often come in one giant mistake crashing down on your head. Failure often comes in regrets of the chances we didn’t take, and the opportunities we didn’t stick with.

Most often the biggest regret people face in their lifetime are when they decided not to do something.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from the book Leadership 101 -John C. Maxwell

“100 people over 95 years old were asked one open ended question.

💥”If you could live your life over again, what would you differently?”

Though it was an open ended question, the same 3 answers continued to rise much more than the rest.

▶1. ‘If i could do it over again, i would reflect more.’

▶2. ‘If i could do it over again, i would risk more.’

▶3. ‘If i could do it over again, i would do more things that would live on after i am dead.'”

Really makes you think huh?


It should make you act! lol

Walk through the freakin DOOR!

Have you ever heard the phrase 

⏩”Every time a door closes, another one opens”? You see, i love that phrase because i really believe it to be true.


You have to walk through the freakin door!

Opportunities will come and go and new ones will arise, that is for certain.

But just because the door opens doesn’t mean you’ve made it.

You have to move!

Move towards that opportunity, and move fast before it shuts on you!

Quick question: Has anybody here ever seen a moving door? ….. #no ?


These doors are not moving which means you aren’t getting closer to them unless you act.

Find an opportunity and GET MOVING.

Some doors will slam in your face, even though you sprinted towards that opportunity with everything you’ve got.


Another door down.

Eventually you’ll get faster, and one of those doors will stay open jussssst long enough….

And you’ll make it.👏

Where does our potential go?

People think about failure in terms of black and white. Winning and losing. This is our immediate definition of failing.

In our minds, it’s simple. The team that wins SUCCEEDS! The team that loses FAILS.

But this is not the most common type of failure.

Not even by a long shot.

No. The most common type of failure humans face is in our daily lives.

And quite frankly it is killing your potential!

  • Failure to FOCUS on one thing, and see that one thing through to the end, will ultimately cripple your potential.

Our generation has so many strings tied to different parts of our brains that our attention span is thinning.

Don’t beleive me?

How many times a day do you stop mid-sentence to check your phone because of a “PING”?

Or how many times do you get on your phone to do one thing and end up in a completely different app?

The skill of sticking to one thing is becoming just that, a SKILL.

Meaning it is no longer intrinsic in our human nature but rather something that must be learned.

If you don’t learn this skill, you won’t achieve mastery at anything.

You will never be the best artist, writer, fitness guru, entrepreneur, etc.

This may sound harsh but it’s the truth.

Because in order to become a master at something, we have to give it our undivided attention.

Delayed gratification is a fading idea in our generation. We want everything “Faster, Quicker, and More Efficient!”

This generation, more than any other generation in this planets history, EXPECT SUCCESS and if we aren’t seeing immediate results we look for something better.

When things don’t go the way we think they should, we jump ship at every new opportunity that comes our way. Thus, our ability to focus, learn, grow, develop, and become the best at something, is squandered.

How do I know this?

Cause up until this point, my several different interests have made me a Jack of All Trades. Which sounds pretty good…..

Until I realized, I’m the King of None.