How to Shred Fat/Lose Weight Made Simple.

The formula to losing fat is actually very simple. 

Energy Consumed<Energy used

=Weight Loss🙌

All you need to do is consume less calories than you expend in a day. Want to lose more weight? Continue doing this for more days. Thus creating a calorie deficit.

What this means is you need some sort of method for tracking your food intake, whether that be tracking macros, counting calories, using a portion control method such as hand size method, or plate dividing method, etc.

Just like any great science experiment, there needs to be a constant, in this case calories, where we can either add or take away from in order to see changes in results.

💥There are essentially two things you can do to start losing weight/burning fat right away.💥

▶1. Eat less calories. (Typically by either eating less carbs or fats, while keeping your protein intake the same/slightly higher.)

▶2. Expend more energy. (This can come in many different ways. Doing more cardio, biking, swimming, adding an extra set to your workouts, adding an extra workout day into your weekly routine, etc.) If you don’t have a routine, start one. Even if it is only starting out as a half hour walk one time a week. Start somewhere!

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