If you could choose only ONE hobby,

“If you could only choose ☝(ONE) hobby to make a living from, what would it be?”

I’m super curious to hear your responses!😳

My DREAM is to be able to turn a hobby into a business, so i am extremely passionate about this topic!🔥

As for me, this may come as a shock to some of you, but i would love to be a writer of some kind. Either a journalist where i could travel a lot, or making my living just writing articles/ blog posts would be amazing as well!🙌

Other than that, some of my passions that i wouldn’t mind making careers/businesses of include photogrpahy, fitness (obviously😅), i love marketing, and really anything entrepreneur related. I just love it!😂lol

Comment below

What would your dream job/business be?🙌


A message to The Ambitious and Entreprenuers…

The Ambitious and Entrepreneurs will understand this👇

“Have i failed…?” 

Many times in my life.

At many different things.
I’ve been close to giving up,
a feeling i’m sure many of you guys reading this are familiar with.
I’ll bet you have a lot of ideas, good ideas probably, but never really sure what to do with them?
Same boat👋
… I want to create something special, something that goes beyond myself, something that other people believe in, something that brings VALUE to other people’s lives…
I’m guessing you do too.

Have you ever been uncertain if the path you are on is going to get you there?
Like you think to yourself, if i just do X long enough, and stay consistent with Y, i will FINALLY reach Z.
Though there are doubts…

⏫Ambitious people will get this.

Because if you are ambitious you will strive to achieve things in this life that are out of your control.
If you are ambitious, you know how important it is to BELIEVE you are capable of doing something bigger than yourself with your life.

Listen, there are no guarantees when it comes to achieving our goals.
But if you don’t find a way, somebody else will.

“So if you’re thinking of giving up, just remember: This is the point where everybody else will give up. And that’s EXACTLY why YOU MUST NOT.” -Ruben Cavez, Founder of ThinkGrowProsper