Wanna Know the Truth About Protein Powder?

As promised, I’m going to break down the 4 supplements I use on a daily basis. I will give some facts, as well as explain the good👍, and the bad👎 when it comes to these supplements; starting with👇


Protein powder comes in many different forms with “whey” being the most popular. Whey protein is actually derived from cow’s milk in the cheese making process and is the watery part you might see in cottage cheese that seperates itself from curds.


The protein is then filtered, spray dried, and obviously flavored to make a product that doesn’t sound totally disgusting!😅lol

The supplement (though some don’t consider it a supplement but rather a food source) is used by a majority of athletes and regular gym-goers and with good reason.

⏩Protein is important in any diet and plays many vital roles in the body, however it can be hard to get enough from food alone.

Protein powder (though not as nutrient dense as whole foods) offers a great alternative in taste and flavoring of protein consumption such as chocolate😋, vanilla😋, cookies and cream😋, strawberry😋, etc. rather than eating your typical chicken breast or egg whites…. Yum?😓

I will add that there is large debate on how much protein a person needs in a day, and the amount varies person to person, and depends on who you ask. Quite frankly, there is no one size fits all, and this would largely depend on the individuals personal preferences and specific protein needs.

Whey protein also has a high biological value, meaning it is a very effective and quality source of protein, even beating out chicken and egg whites in effectiveness

Whey protein certainly has its 👎sides as well.

In excess amounts, protein has been shown to cause kidney damage, liver problems, kidney stones, etc. However, one should remember this is the consumption of too much protein in general. Meaning, it is not necessarily the protein powder causing this. But rather an excess in protein altogether.

There is obviously more information supporting more of the good and bad, however these are the main points I wanted to lay out for you guys.

As with everything in life Moderation is key🔑


A Big WTF to the Supplement Industry…

As we all know, supplements are there to aid you in reaching your goals, not reach them for you.

😳WOW ISAAC YOU’RE SO SMART TEACH US YOUR WAYS! ….Said nobody…. Like literally ever😅

But did you know that there is no FDA regualtion for supplements!

💥Meaning there is NO study of the possible long-term affects a supplement can have on you and your health BEFORE it hits the shelves in stores.😓

💥The only time that supplements become regulated is AFTER people have already bought and used them, and they already have been shown to cause harm to people in some way.😓

💥Only THEN are the supplements actually tested for how safe they are.😓

Isn’t that NUTS!!!🙈

So what supplements do I take? And what would I recommend?

I only take 4 supplements on a daily basis.

This consists of:

⏩Whey Protein (bars too)


⏩Fish oil


Over the next 4 days, I am going to go really in depth with why I take them, and the benefits, and possible draw backs of each of these supplements.

As for now, I’m going grocery shopping😜lol

Night y’all!✌

(Yes, the trash is full😅lol i took it out after this pic ok!)

That’s a lie, i didn’t take it out for a couple days🙈

Carbs Are NOT The Enemy!

I strive to always be expanding my mind when it comes to training and nutrition to better help you guys in achieving your goals, and I ran across something pretty interesting in my textbook today.👇

No matter what type of carbohydrate you eat, it will always end up being broken down into a simple sugar in your blood stream.

Typically, an average of 20g or glucose (carbs) circulate our blood stream per one hour, no more, no less. (Otherwise we would be considered to have high/low blood sugar.)

So when we eat food, where do the extra carbs go when we eat more than 20g of carbs in one sitting?

Well our liver (which breaks down complex carbs into simple carbs to be used by our body) can hold about 80-100g. of glycogen before it is full, and the muscles can store anywhere from 300-600g. of glycogen depending on how much muscle mass you have. This is why CARBS in reasonable amounts are NOT THE ENEMY!💥

Extra carbs are not immediately transformed into fat, but rather they are stored by our liver and muscles as glycogen to be later used as fuel during strenuous activities.🙌😏

-The more you know😉

Night y’all✌

My Top 4 Tips for Eating Out On a Diet

“Any tips on eating out?”

If you are somebody who is currently dieting, or if you have ever dieted before in your life, you know the challenge of eating out. Whether it be at a restaurant, at a friends house, or even with family, you know it can be really hard to stay on track especially with a buffet of food🍔🍕🍟🍝🍩🍞 usually in your point blank range!😳 #iwantitall 😋lol

First of all, eating out should not be a miserable (side salad) experience in my opinion.

When you eat out, you should be able to enjoy and “splerge” a bit at social gatherings.

But how do you do this and stay on track with your diet?

This is how i do it.

💥Tip 1: Plan Accordingly.

If you know you are going out to a big dinner with family/friends later that night, make it your goal to be eating plenty of lean protein sources as well as veggies throughout the day to keep protein intake high, so you can save your fats and carbs for the night out.

💥Tip 2: Eat a big meal (of mostly veggies/lean protein) about an hour before you go out to eat. 

If you are starving by the time dinner roles around, your cravings will be through the roof when you see appetizing food.

Feeling already slightly satiated will aid in keeping cravings down. Also, eating something filling with natural sugars before hand such as an apple, will aid with sugar cravings specifically.(P.S. usually overstated but drinking lots of water helps too)😉🙌

💥Tip 3: Portion Control.

As soon as you get to the dinner, look at all the food that is there.

Make a mental note of the “to die for” foods that you really need to have before you leave.😌

Only put those specific foods on your plate, and try to only stick to the food you put on your plate. This way you are not tempted to graze on food conitnuously while the dinner continues.

💥Tip 4: If you over eat😱😫(heaven forbid you have a little too much fun) STOP. I know what you’re thinking. “I already screwed up, might as well make it worth it.😓”


Do not do that.

This will only halt your progress further, even though you probably haven’t done that much damage yet😉

Just get back on track.👍Easy✌